Edible Arrangements celebrates women’s history with the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

Earlier today, nearly 50 people at the Edible Arrangements office gathered to reflect on the trailblazing achievements of women at a presentation by The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, an organization dedicated to honoring the achievements and stories of women.

hall of fame

Women like Alice Paul, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement and founder of the National Women’s Party; Constance Motley, the first African-American female federal court judge; and Indra Nooyi, chairperson of PepsiCo among other female pioneers in politics, business, and arts. With more than 100 women inducted into the Hall of Fame, the stories of these women will continue to challenge our younger generations to follow their lead.

In most cases, the women inducted into the Hall of Fame had to find their inner strength to be tenacious and push past ‘no,’ as a launchpad into their careers and accomplishments.

I fully believe that any woman can do what they set their mind to.

Without the influence and advice from my mother — most important woman in my life — Edible Arrangements may have never gotten started. She was the one who encouraged me to go after my dreams. I’m happy to bring her influence to the current state of Edible Arrangements, where there are women who have the talent and abilities to assume greater leadership roles, including CEO if they choose.

My advice to women looking to move up the career ladder: Be proactive and take your shot at an opportunity. Make your voice heard.

If you have an idea that can improve your company’s business, or make the workplace better — share it with your manager or boss. You may feel uncomfortable but if your idea is well-thought-out, a manager, who appreciates an engaged workforce, should respect your initiative and encourage you to implement it.

As you move forward with your idea, there may be mistakes and corrections made along the way. That’s okay. It’s part of learning and believing in your abilities. Remember, you took your shot. You didn’t waste it. Your idea was recognized. Maybe the next opportunity for more responsibility or advancement is yours.

Later this year, The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame will honor three heroic women in Hartford. Consider attending the program. I’m sure you’ll leave just as inspired, and encouraged to honor women’s achievements as my team did today.

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