The Tariq & Asma Farid Foundation works to ensure better lives for the greatest number of people. We know that having a real connection or access to the experiences of the people we seek to help is important to our decisions, and our impact.

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Salma Khatoon Foundation

The Salma Khatoon Foundation was established to honor the memory of my beloved mother, Salma Khatoon Farid, whose influence has shaped my life and entrepreneurial journey.
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We are always looking to support organizations that can help us advance our mission. We are open to new ideas and we invite you to submit yours through our application form. Before submitting your idea, we suggest you read about our grants process and familiarize yourself with our areas of interest. As much as possible we try to support local charities and organizations.
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We support non-profit organizations with IRS 501(c) (3) status. In general, we prefer to fund specific programs, but we will consider requests for capital projects.

At our Foundation, we are committed to equality, food security, health and wellness, and education. Our giving this year includes

The Burmese Rohingya Community of Georgia

The Burmese Rohingya Community of Georgia, Inc. (BRCG) is a community-based nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, GA, USA. Our mission is to promote self-sufficiency and equity for immigrants, refugees, and the underprivileged through comprehensive health and social services, community development, cultural activities, capacity building, and advocacy. We contribute to strengthening the bonds between Rohingya Community and American people alike by establishing a united community through effective interfaith partnership, tolerance, and respect to all the people.
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GiveLight Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, California, USA in January 2005 by a group of young professionals. The foundation seeks to create durable orphanages and provide orphan care in response to natural disasters and extreme condition, like poverty and war.

We are honored to support GiveLight Foundation's higher education fund for orphans all over the world this year! This incredible organization is on a mission to build and sustain beautiful homes and provide orphaned children with long term, high quality education. They strive to recreate a loving family, a sense of belonging and strong identity/self esteem. They do this by making sure their staff on the ground has the highest moral standard and share their love and passion for the cause!

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We are delighted to support UPF (Unity Productions Foundation) again this year! UPF is on a mission to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. UPF produces films that tell compelling stories for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing religious and cultural pluralism, especially among Muslims and other faiths.
They also work in Hollywood through its MOST (Muslims on Screen and Television) Resource Center, providing facts and research to script writers and producers on popular shows seen worldwide.
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We are proud to support Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) Atlanta this year! IMAN is a community organization that fosters health, wellness and healing in the inner-city by organizing for social change, cultivating the arts, and operating a holistic health center. Operating interventions to address a spectrum of structural and systemic injustices, incorporating primary, behavioral, and oral health; artistic expression; leadership development; organizing and advocacy; housing; and job training, in an effort to substantially increase the quality of life for people in marginalized communities.
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The Azraq Center

We are proud to partner with The Azraq Center this year to restore dignity and enrich the lives of Syrian refugees and other vulnerable families by providing innovative education opportunities and critical humanitarian aid! The Azraq Center hosts 245 students from pre-K through Level 8. They offer daily instruction in Arabic, English, Math, Science, IT, Art, Music, and more for some of the most vulnerable children in Azraq. In the face of this enormous humanitarian crisis, they focus their efforts in the small, rural town of South Azraq, Jordan where nearly half of the town population today is a refugee. This community is underserved by large, mainstream aid organizations.
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global growers
Delighted to support the Global Growers
Network orchard this year! Global Growers Network partners with people from diverse cultures who grow fresh food for their families and for local marketplaces in Georgia. Together they build and sustain networks of growers, land, resources, and markets in order to create a more equitable food system that is driven by cultural diversity, inclusive economies, and regenerative agriculture practices.
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Global Growers Netwrok
New American Pathways
New American Pathways
We are honored to support New American Pathways this year! New American Pathways is an Atlanta based nonprofit with the mission of Helping Refugees and Georgia Thrive. Their vision is for new Americans in metro Atlanta to become successful,contributing,and welcomed members of Georgia's communities. They fulfill their goals by offering the most comprehensive,fully integrated continuum of services targeted to meet the specific needs of refugees and other immigrants in Georgia.
Their services support new Americans on their individual pathways f rom arrival through citizenship with programs that focus on four key milestones along the pathway - Safety & Stability, Self-Sufficiency, Success, and Service. Programs work in concert to guide new Americans on their individual pathways to long-term success.
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Delighted to support the Every Child Counts strives to provide children with essentials that nourish and support them to help reach their full potential. It is this purpose that derives Every Child Counts, and through adopting schools and supporting little children with the gift of good food, books, and a conducive infrastructure at school we help them grow and blossom.
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