The Foundation was formed in 2013, by entrepreneur Tariq Farid and his wife Asma Farid, as a philanthropic, non-profit corporation providing support for worthwhile causes in the U.S. and throughout the world.

We have experienced many blessings in life. Because of our faith, charity is fundamental to us. It’s personal, but we have started to talk more publicly about our giving.  The importance of a public donation is the effect it has on others. It says to a wider community this is what we value, we believe in and think is important. We are firm believers that the best investments are made in the lives of others. By uplifting all members of our communities, we express our highest values of our community. Today, philanthropy continues to play a vital role in promoting human welfare in these areas and more. The Tariq & Asma Farid foundation is grounded in the concept of philanthropy. We work to ensure better lives for the greatest number of people at home and abroad. We are committed to benefiting organizations that feed the hungry, care and educate children and adults, treat those with life threatening illness, and welcome refugees. As our Foundation continues its work, we look forward to fulfilling our philanthropic goals and building new partnerships with organizations who share our goals.

Tariq Farid

CEO & Founder

Tariq is founder of Edible Arrangements®, the pioneer and worldwide leader in fresh fruit arrangements and treats.

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Asma Farid


Asma is the Vice-President and Managing Partner of Farids & Co. LLC, a leading developer and management company.

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Media & Coverage

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We support non-profit organizations with IRS 501(c) (3) status. In general, we prefer to fund specific programs, but we will consider requests for capital projects.